NBA 2K20 Patch 9 Notes: Fixes Hot Zones in Rec / Neighborhood, MyTEAM Issues, & More (PS4, Xbox One)

NBA 2K20 Patch 9 has been released and the update is now available for download, weighing in at 4.12 GB for Xbox One and 4.15 GB for PS4.

NBA 2K20 Update 1.09 Patch Notes

  • Addressed an issue where specific animations were getting unequipped upon entering the Neighborhood.
  • Hot Zones are now properly reflected in both The Rec and Neighborhood games.
  • The appearance of the ‘ninja-style’ headbands seen on many players has been updated to reflect their new look for the 2019-20 NBA season.
  • The proper amount of boosts are now consumed upon completion of a MyPLAYER Nation game.
  • MyTEAM users can once again quickly sub in their bench lineups in one action
  • When two players form a Duo in MyTEAM, their badge upgrades are now visible on the player card when viewed in the Lineups menu outside of gameplay.



  1. My jump shot is stuck on a random one no matter what I do, I change it save it go to play a game and it’s back to the same stupid jump shot.
    Also my controller vibration and who to guard just decided to stop working even though the settings are still on and this started before the last update I was hoping that update would of fixed the issue’s but it didn’t so I stopped playing nba 2k all together and I’ve spent over $750 on VC just a shame

    • New patch fkked my jump shot. Keeps resetting me to base 24. No shot meter always gives me Late release no matter how I shoot. Lol. I’m done w this broke ass game

  2. Hmm, you still havent addressed the issue that in MyTeam domination All-stars shows East All-stars on the western team and vice verca. How can you not see this?

    Also even more important. The game doesnt recognize when you win the rookie game in all-star western. The star doesnt pop and you dont get 2 tokens.

    This has been going on since game release.

    I made a video that shows this:


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