NBA 2K19 Patch 4 Notes For PS4, Xbox One, And PC Released: Stealing Nerfed & More

NBA 2K19 Patch 1.04 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC have been released. Patch 4 addresses a number of gameplay related elements i.e. stealing (on-ball and passing lane), as well as improvements to MyCAREER, MyTEAM, Pro-Am, & more.



  • Updated jumbotrons in both the Thunder and Trail Blazers arenas to match the real-world changes made there.
  • Nike athletes will now wear the official NBA arm sleeve containing Nike Swoosh and NBA logo. Non-branded arm sleeve is still present for non-Nike athletes.
  • Users can now set a ‘Preferred Shorts Length’ in the Gear/Shoe category when creating a player. The shorts length will then be applied when applicable.


  • Implemented the newly approved NBA rule that resets the shot clock to 14 seconds following offensive rebounds.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of on-ball steals, especially for low rated defenders by implementing the following: increased foul chances for body-to-body contact, increased ball security after rebounds when both hands are on the ball, introduced a cooldown when attempting too many steal attempts in a short amount of time, more mistargeted steal attempts for poorly rated players.
  • Fixed a soft hang where an inbounder would get stuck in an off-ball deny animation, preventing him from being able to check the ball.
  • Reduced injury wear and frequency for long quarter length games.
  • Fixed a case where the ball handler would sometimes get stuck in a double team animation after he had lost the ball.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing up and under layups from playing properly under the basket.
  • Changed the color of the Takeover rebounding reticle for Glass Cleaners to make it easier to see against darker court floors.
  • A slight reduction in the effectiveness of pass lane steals that are not manually triggered.
  • Adjusted shot contest animations to make them more responsive against perimeter jump shots.
  • Adjusted the key zoom camera settings for 2K Low and updated some Broadcast camera angles to more accurately reflect their real-life camera locations.
  • Changed the logic for the Defensive Stopper badge to apply against opponents 1 position away from the defender’s natural position or when matched up with someone within a 3-inch height difference.
  • Shortened several pass flinch reaction animations to improve responsiveness.
  • Bench actors will no longer twitch badly when an injured player is helped off the court.
  • Fixed some artificial speedups and reduced clipping by defenders when transitioning into hip rides.
  • Reduced the frequency of defenders bodying up ball handlers into backcourt violations.
  • Reduced clipping that could sometimes happen when two players were fighting for rebounds.
  • Increased the speed at which a defender can move while in hands-up.


  • The Gatorade Reaction Drill will now provide badge points upon completion.
  • Addressed a case where the user would encounter a visual issue where an endorsement check appeared blank (even though the funds were properly added to the account).
  • The Dunk Contest ‘voting race’ will no longer appear during the in-game presentation after the All-Star break.
  • Your MyPLAYER will now represent the proper team in the Rising Stars Challenge (Team USA or Team World) during All-Star Weekend.
  • Players who are 6’7 will now have their proper Lateral Quickness attribute.
  • Fixed an issue where the rotation would rebuild when the user attempted to adjust their own minutes (once this perk is unlocked).
  • Fixed a case where the All-Star Captain story scene would hang when both captains shared the same first name.


  • The Daily Spin prize wheel experience has been improved in the Ante-Up environment. There is now a second exterior door that leads you to a room with a number of prize wheels. This will enable you to more quickly get your free rewards each day.
  • Users are now able to place text/logos on the sleeves of hoodies/t-shirts when creating Crew uniforms.
  • Users can now view how much VC has been earned next to the spinning VC coin icon in the lower-left hand corner of the screen (e.g. when you score in Red Ball Blue Ball; when you knock out an opponent in Dodgeball, etc.)
  • Improved visual fidelity with the Neighborhood football.
  • Fixed an inbounding exploit that could be used during competitive games in the Neighborhood.
  • The Trivia app is now usable inside your MyCOURT.
  • Addressed a case where a player could turn themselves invisible by equipping a select compression shirt.
  • Improved camera angles when playing in the far courts in the Under Armour cages area of the Neighborhood.
  • Finger items should now properly show up in the closet when only a single finger item is owned.
  • Kinesiology tape should now properly draw on other players when viewed in the Neighborhood.
  • Fixed an issue where VC Sports Management (your agent’s office) would briefly appear closed when quickly approaching it.
  • Fixed an issue in Ante-Up where select members of a squad would experience loss of game control after losing a squad game.
  • Jump shot celebrations will now only automatically trigger on “green releases.”
  • Fixed a display issue where some users were reporting that purchased tattoos were missing. They should now reliably appear for placement.
  • Addressed a rare case where the user would get removed from the tattoo parlor and would not have their clothing items re-equipped.
  • General improvements to the Dodgeball game experience.


  • Fixed an issue where players in Pro-Am Team and the Jordan Rec Center would sometimes show up in the wrong uniforms.
  • Crowd audio will now be audible during Pro-Am gameplay.
  • Gamertags, rather than MyPLAYER names, will now be drawn on the back of Pro-Am uniforms.
  • Season rankings for Pro-Am/Crews will now appear correctly upon entering the menu.


  • Simplified the goals for unlocking the Auction House such that users now need to only participate in a Triple Threat Online and Unlimited game rather than win one of each.
  • Added the ability to clear the notification flags from inside the Collections menu.
  • A Dynamic Duo overlay has been added to the pack reveal flow, in order to make you aware of Duo combos as you receive the cards.
  • Updated overall rating formula when viewing team lineups.
  • Corrected a display issue where a player’s attributes were not shown as boosted when properly Duo’d with his duo partner.
  • Dynamic Duo icons will now visually animate when placed in the same Triple Threat lineup.
  • Simulated stats will no longer count as accumulated stats for cards when playing challenges.


  • Added the ability for users to override who the game has selected to be an All-Star with selections of their own.
  • Improvement to the MVP, Most Improved Player, and Rookie of the Year award selection logic.
  • Fixed an issue where the player ages in historic draft classes would display as invalid numbers.
  • Team Card menu informational pages previously missing in the MyLEAGUE Online experience has been added.
  • To add to the intrigue, you will no longer be able to sort by overall rating during the Pre-Draft Workouts and Rookie Draft time periods.
  • All-Star Weekend events are now properly scheduled when starting a new Start Today mode.
  • The results of League Meeting voting can now be reviewed upon completion in MyLEAGUE Online.
  • Addressed a case where cut/waived players weren’t properly counting against the cap in MyLEAGUE Online.
  • Fixed a hang that would occur when the number of players required to be selected during the All-Star Draft was changed to 13 via a rule change.
  • Fixed an issue in MyLEAGUE Online where the finals of the Draft Lottery tournament would sometime get scheduled in the past.
  • Addressed a hang that could occur when attempting to review the Expansion Draft/Player Protection results after either event is complete.

Many other small bug fixes and adjustments were also made, game-wide.

NOTE: All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves.


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