NBA 2K19 Locker Codes: Chance at Kobe 20th Anniversary Pack & Deluxe League Moments Pack

Here are the latest NBA 2K19 Locker Codes. These locker codes are for a chance at Kobe 20th Anniversary Pack and Deluxe League Moments Pack or Tokens. They expire on 3/4/19 and 3/13/19 respectively.

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NBA 2K19 Locker Code:

Date ReleasedLocker CodeRewardExpiration Date/Time
02/25/19MAMBA-TD4BK-A4JTT-QXKPG-M2485Chance at Kobe 20th Anniversary Pack3/4/19 11:00 AM ET
02/24/19DELUX-9A3RG-FARPZ-FPMY8-AXX7TDeluxe League Moments Pack or Tokens3/3/19 12:00 PM ET