NBA 2K18 Gameplay: Offense & Defense, Animations, Shot Meter, Dribbling, AI (Impressions)

We have brand new NBA 2K18 Gameplay Impressions, derived from a number of NBA 2K18 ballers / influencers who were invited to test out the game. We’ve summarized them below, check out the NBA 2K18 gameplay info! Many good, well-needed additions to the game so far!


  • AI improved ball movement, realistic tempo.
  • Pressure sensitive passing. Can properly direct your target based on combo of distance, button pressure.
  • Errant passes tuned. Will now include low and wide passes
  • Less “canimations”, using a “branch system” which allow for far more movement creativity.
  • Individual movement sliders to control ballhandler or player without the ball. Works in conjunction with movement system.
  • Triple threat moves are insane this year
  • Post game has more animations and control
  • New Pick and Roll system
  • Pump-fake into foul animation has been brought back
  • Inbounding is slightly easier
  • Brick wall is toned down a lot
  • Contact dunks “look amazing”
  • Speed boosting is a tiny bit slower than last year, but barely noticeable
  • Baseline cheese is 50-50 for turnovers / fouls
  • No layup meter
  • You can change your shot meter color to yellow, purple, blue, and more


  • Defense is fluid, better on-ball defense
  • Smarter AI defense on the pick and roll.
  • Added contested shot feedback
  • New visual of coach communication option that will help you on defense with visual shoutouts (i.e. “switch!”).


  • Crowd cheering loud at Little Caesar’s Arena on a and-1 foul
  • New rebounding system
  • Ref bumping is gone
  • HOF badges are in the game and it has the same player card menu as NBA 2K17
  • All the franchise improvements in NBA 2K18 will be for Nintendo Switch as well


via Twitter: @MarioHTXX, @DmanUnt2014, @MikeLowe47, @mattbertz