NBA 2K18 All-Time Teams Rosters & Player Ratings (Complete List)

Here is the complete list of NBA 2K18 All-Time Teams Rosters and Player Ratings!  The list includes the best players from any era for all 30 NBA Teams.  2K also just dropped the NBA 2K18 All-Time Teams trailer.  Check it out!

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  1. have a hard time justifying John Stockton getting a 97 rating and Isiah Thomas getting a 96…. yes, Stockton is all time assist leader and was a great player who went to two NBA finals. Unfortunately he ran into the well oiled Jordan led Bulls both times. However, Isiah won two titles. Could have easily won a third (if not for a phantom foul call on Lambeer very, very late in pivotal game 6). Game 6 of 88 NBA finals Isiah had the greatest performance ever, ever. He put up 24 points on a severely sprained ankle against the Lakers. He also once scored 16 points in 90 seconds (still unmatched today). His first five years in the league he averaged 21 and 11 assists per game. then, as the team gathered talent he leveled off at 19ppg and 9.5 assists. His teams stopped 3 dynasty’s. The 80’s Celtics, the 80’s Lakers. And he kept Jordan’s Bulls at bay for 3 years. In 1991 when the Pistons got swept by the Bulls Isiah had missed half the season because of a broken wrist. He had it fused together and made it back in time for the playoffs. They dispatched the Dominique Wilkins led Hawks, then the Celtics (again) then ran into the Bulls. Again, Isiah was playing on a bum ankle (badly sprained) and a yet unhealed wrist. If anything, the thing that let the Bulls finally overtake the Pistons was the small forward position. Pippen finally came into his own and at only 31 years old, Mark Aguire had a severe drop off. Pippen embarrassed him in that series and especially the next year. Daly tried to insert Rodman into the starting lineup and it did help, but by that time the Bulls had truly come into their own. I think it would have been interesting if the Pistons had traded Mark Aguirre after their second championship for a more of an athlete at the small forward position. But enough about the Pistons.. Isiah should be a 97 and Stockton in all honesty should be a 90.
    Thanks for posting all the information.


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