NBA 2K17 Tips: How to Get A+ Teammate Grade Every Time


Here are some NBA 2K17 tips to get that A+ grade every time in MyCAREER!

Take good shots
Don’t force shots, take smart and open looks. Even if you miss, you’ll get a “Good shot selection”.

Be selective when calling for the ball: 
Make sure you’re open and in a good position to catch the pass, or your grade will take a hit with “Excessive call for pass”.

Make good passes:
A well-timed and logical pass that puts your teammate in a good position will give you a nice grade boost by getting assists and the “good pass” rating.

Don’t hold the ball too long:
No one likes a ball hog, and that includes the teammate grading system.  Keep the ball moving to avoid the “Held ball too long” penalty and get the “Good ball movement” boost to your grade.

Set screens:
Either off-ball or on-ball, setting a pick (circle/b) is an easy way to get your grade up and you can do it multiple times per possession.

Boxout and rebound:
Boxout (L2/LT) the other team’s rebounders and try to get the rebound (Triangle/Y) for a grade boost.

Put on the jukes and finish:
By performing dribble moves and then finishing the play, you’ll get a “Double move leading to a score” boost to your grade.

Overall, just playing solid and smart basketball should get you that A+ grade.  Making winning plays and cutting down on mistakes leads to wins, a higher grade, and more VC.