NBA 2K17 MyPARK Features


2K recently posted in their blog new information about NBA 2K17 MyPARK. We’ve summarized the features below, check it out!


  • 5 different types of events, some old some new, with prizes
  • Mountain Dew 3vs3 tourny
  • Ante-Up
  • Double Rep Weekends


  • Squad animations
  • Hanging out animations
  • Personal Introductions
  • Get-back animations
  • Post-game celebrations
  • Gameplay animations
  • Rep up animations


  • Users who are good teammates can earn the ability to use more than one card per game.
  • Users can still equip up to four park cards, but now have the ability to equip any four cards, regardless of category



  • Specific to MyPARK
  • 9 total badges
  • Game point: game-winner boost
  • Road Dog: boost when playing on a rival’s court
  • 7 Oh’s: Boost teammates energy and defensive attributes when making a highlight a play.
  • Iron Man – Lose less energy while playing in park games
  • Bone Collector – Increase your chance at breaking the ankles of your defender.
  • Legend Takeover – For users who tend to beat higher rep players, add a boost to you and your teammates during games versus higher rep players.
  • Park Bully – Perfect for flexing your muscle in the park, this badge will make opponents think twice before coming into the paint.
  • Winners Only – Winners win, go on a win streak and your player will heat up quicker than normal.
  • Streak Breaker – Beat a team on a winning streak, earn a rhythm boost for you and your teammates in the next game.


  • Earn Upgrades: Playing MyPARK, you can now earn player upgrades while repping up.
  • Double Alley-oops – Users can now throw double alley oops in the park
  • 2K Player Card – You now have the ability to pull up the player card of anyone in your park. See things like, vitals, attributes, grades, skill graphs, badges, MyPARK and Pro-Am stats.

Also there is BIG news coming to MyPARK soon, stay tuned!

Read the full blog post here.