NBA 2K17 MyCAREER / MyPLAYER News: Jump Shot Creations, New Player Builds, Hall of Fame Badge, More



New NBA 2K17 MyCAREER / MyPLAYER info has been made available. Tidbits about MyCAREER include the ability to customize your jump shot (yes, choosing the base for your J is back), user-triggered celebrations, the hall of fame badge, and more! Check out the excerpt below.


  • Choose from seven specific playing styles: Slasher (all positions), Shot Creator (PG/SG/SF), Sharpshooter (all positions), Playmaker (PG/SG/SF), Lockdown Defender (all positions), Glass Cleaner (SF/PF/C), Post Scorer (SF/PF/C)
  • Each archetype has its own unique badges (including an exclusive Hall of Fame badge), skill sets and specializations.
  • The goal behind the new archetypes was to force gamers to make a choice when creating their characters. We’re really trying to individualize players in our online modes so not everyone ends up being the same 2 or 3 types of guys. So a lot of effort went into balancing and tuning all of the various archetype/position/height/weight/wingspan combinations (not an easy task). At the end of the day, though, we feel like each of the archetypes (and the multitude of iterations you can dream up) make for very compelling gameplay experiences, with totally different pros and cons, and each can add a unique value to the makeup of a team.
  • The Hall of Fame badge is really cool too. Now, when a player performs well within his specialty (a Playmaker gets a lot of assists, a Post Scorer hits a few post fades, Glass Cleaner pulls down some boards, etc.) he gets “Grand Badge Hot.” That means that they unlock even stronger special abilities within their archetypes, as a red icon appears in the player indicator.
  • A new user-controlled emote system allows you to customize your on-court celebrations and trigger them after big plays.
  • The new Jump Shot Creator allows you to create an infinite variation of jump shot styles to ensure that your MyPLAYER’s jumper looks and feels exactly the way you want. The tool allows you to pick multiple release animations and a base and lets you control how those animations blend together. So it’s like the composited custom jump shots we had in the game a couple years ago but MUCH more customizable.


Via NBA 2K Facebook


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