NBA 2K17 Hands-On Impressions


New NBA 2K17 Hands-On Impressions was posted recently over at Polygon. Several new gameplay features were covered, including freelance offenses for every team, better help defense, timed layups, improved physics, more realistic fatigue, and more.

QUOTE: “Jones explained that real athletes play at full tilt when they need to, and when they’re jogging, it’s so they can recover their stamina. That “doesn’t mean that [playing is] drawing so much from them that their attributes drop,” he said, noting that that’s how NBA 2K managed fatigue until now. The new system in NBA 2K17 is designed to penalize people who lay on the sprint button all the time, because that’s simply not a realistic way to play basketball; you’ll have to bring in backups from time to time so your starters can catch a breather.”

Via Polygon


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