NBA 2K17 Gameplay Features: No More Missed Green Lights, New Layup & Shot Dynamics, & More!


NBA 2K’s gameplay director, Mike Wang, has posted a ton of new details about NBA 2K17’s gameplay. Some of the gameplay elements covered are layup timing dynamics, a redesigned shot-meter, dribbling, defense, better game flow, and much more!

QUOTE: “One thing that bothered us though was that the Signature Size-ups didn’t have that 1-to-1 feel of chaining together moves that our past games had. You would input a single command and the ball handler would play out a long mocapped sequence all by himself. This year, we broke all of the Signature Size-ups into shorter combo moves that can be strung together based on user input. So for example, Steph Curry’s signature “between the legs to behind back combo” from last year is now performed by manually doing a between the legs cross directly into a behind the back move. The end result is a system that’s very robust, basically allowing the gamer to string together whatever sequence of moves he/she wants while still maintaining the beautiful motion captured sequences that our fans enjoyed in NBA 2K16”

Read the full NBA 2K17 gameplay blog post here.

Via NBA 2K Facebook

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