NBA 2K16 ‘Play Now Online’ Details & Video

2K has released a new video highlighting “Play Now Online”, showing how head to head games have been improved and matter more. Here are the details:

  • 10 different leagues: Freshman, JV, Varsity, Junior College, College, Development, Euroleague, Nba, Hall of Fame, and the Greatest of All Time.
  • Wins and losses count toward reaching goals and new league seeds
  • You’ll be playing vs competitors in your skill level
  • Teams are broken down into tiers. If you beat teams in higher tiers, you get extra league wins
  • As you advance into higher leagues, you’ll unlock the ability to play with various classic teams

Pre-order NBA 2K16 here to get the game on Sept 25th, 4 days before everyone else, as well as extra in-game content!

Via 2K

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