NBA 2K16: No More Cheesy 7 Foot Small Forwards


Height attribute caps were recently revealed, and 7’0″ small forwards are no more, much to the appreciation and applause of SIM Nation. Another change is having three scoring styles. Listed below are more details:

NBA 2K16 Position Height Restrictions:

  • Point Guard: 5’7″- 6’7″
  • Shooting Guard: 5’10” – 6’8″
  • Small Forward: 6’3″ – 6’10”
  • Power Forward: 6’5″ – 7’0″
  • Center: 6’8′ – 7’3″

More NBA 2K16 Details:

  • Attribute caps will be based on height. i.e. taller players will be better at rebs, worse speed
  • 3 scoring styles (inside, outside & balanced) that determine your caps, along with height.
  • No more 7 foot small forwards that shoot like Steph Curry and dribble like Kyrie Irving.
  • Bigs will play like bigs

Pre-order NBA 2K16 here to get the game on Sept 25th, 4 days before everyone else, as well as extra in-game content!

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