NBA 2K16 MyTEAM: 3 vs 3 “Gauntlet” Mode, Team & Arena Customization, & More


A new MyTEAM developer diary is up over on NBA 2K’s official facebook page. The post highlights several new features in MyTEAM. Among those is NBA 2K16’s new Team Creator, which lets you customize the logo, arena, court floor, and uniforms of your MyTEAM. There will also be a new mode called “The Gauntlet”, which will be a short 3 vs 3 rooftop street game to 21 in a 10 game series, using MyTEAM players. Domination mode is making a return with additional games added. Check out the MyTEAM dev diary to learn more about the new MyTEAM features.


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Via NBA 2K16 Facebook

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