NBA 2K16 Developer Blog & Podcast – MyLEAGUE, MyLEAGUE Online, MyGM & More


A brand new in-depth developer blog is up over at Operation Sports, with Erick Boenisch, the Senior Producer on NBA 2K16, detailing MyLEAGUE, MyLEAGUE Online, MyGM, and more.

Here are a few of the notables that stand out:

MyLEAGUE Online:

  • Full 30-team leagues that support 1-30 human teams.
  • Fully featured Fantasy Draft to kick off the experience with your friends.
  • Fully adjustable setup options (season length, MyLEAGUE difficulty sliders, etc.).
  • Every Admin Control option you can think of
  • Flex Scheduling, play any game at any time.
  • Custom Roster support (including new classic teams)

Team Relocation:

  • City selection
  • In-depth team branding, in-depth Create an Arena, detailed Create a Jersey
  • League realignment

New Offseason:

  • New Draft Lottery presentation with Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum
  • Revamped NBA Draft presentation
  • Revamped staff hiring
  • Summer League: the setup in Las Vegas completely mirrors the real-life setup of the actual event.
  • 2K Hoops Summit: play a game with the upcoming draft class using USA vs international prospects.

Team Building:

  • AI teams are more self-aware than ever. They plan for the now and the future, assess when to leverage their assets, etc. Teams now think, plan, and strategize.
  • A new ‘Team Intel’ screen to give the user a better contextual understanding of what teams are doing around the league: if a team is in rebuild mode or not, their trading block, what players they’re targeting, etc.
  • More sophisticated AI trade logic, more of a challenge (i.e. no more swindling the CPU, no more loading up on one position for no reason, etc.). Teams do a much better job of looking at their roster post-trade when deciding if they should bite on a trade offer.
  • Teams value players very differently. A gem to one team might be a bad fit for another. A player’s trade star-value can change depending on the team.


  • Added Player lock
  • Long-term owner goals (MyGM)
  • New stats, more advanced stats, etc.
  • Gameplay Slider Sharing – you can now also save, load, and share your User/CPU sliders for others to download and use.

Pre-order NBA 2K16 here to get the game on Sept 25th, 4 days before everyone else, as well as extra in-game content.

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