NBA 2K16 “Be The Story” Mode: Spike Lee’s Input, TV Spot, & High School to College Career Mode?

2K recently revealed more information about “Be the Story” mode and how Spike Lee has contributed to it. Check out the tv spot above and read below for more info:

1) NBA 2K16 – Info from USA Today Interview

”We follow a kid through the trials and tribulations of being a top high school player and the decisions he has to make,” Lee tells USA TODAY. He says that although he managed to master the intricacies of a 12-day motion-capture shoot at 2K Games’ Bay Area studios, his video game skills leave a lot to be desired.

“We added MyCareer in 2012, and we’ve always been trying to make it more and more of a real story, like a film with drama,” 2K spokesman Ryan Peters says. “We just told Spike, ‘You transform the narrative, and we’ll change that into digital polygons.’ And he did that, bringing a protagonist and antagonist to the story.”

Lee shot what amounts to 90 minutes of “cinematic narrative,” which translates to about 12 hours of in-game drama.

We also learned that the storyline will center around a player named “Frequency Vibrations”. (2K has confirmed you can customize / change the name to whoever you want).

2) NBA 2K16 – High School to College to Pros Career Mode?

With the release of the NBA 2K16 cover athletes, there has come speculation over the cover art which features all three players in their college team jerseys.


Does this symbolize or hint at a college element to ‘Be a Story Mode’, or is it just coincidence? Too early to tell at this point. This idea has been listed by many in the NBA 2K Wishlist for some time, so it’d be interesting to see whether it comes to fruition in Spike Lee’s “Be A Story” mode for NBA 2K16. Stay tuned!

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