NBA 2K15 Will Have the ‘Nae Nae Dance’ in Parks Mode

In minor NBA 2K15 news, the ‘Nae Nae Dance’ – hugely popularized by the recent viral March Madness video (seen below) – has been confirmed via twitter to be in NBA 2K15’s game mode The Park. So for those of you looking to celebrate a nice beat down or win streak with you and your friends after a game in The Park, in NBA 2K15 you will be able to do so with the epic ‘Nae Nae Dance’.

More than that, this does shed some light that The Park mode will make its expected return for NBA 2K15. The popular game mode saw its share of bugs and issues after launch day and beyond, but thankfully these issues have largely been resolved by patches. Looking forward to seeing how the mode continues to improve and evolve, as there are some great ideas out there around the 2K community — like having your my player shootaround while you wait to get in a game, or to incorporate The Park with Crew mode.

What do you think? How do you think The Park can be improved on for NBA 2K15? Let us know in the comments below or post it on the NBA 2K15 wishlist.

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