NBA 2K15 Tips: How to Use Russell Westbrook Effectively

Russell Westbrook, who’s having a fantastic February, is easily one of the NBA’s most athletic and dynamic players. Driving to the rim, he’s as explosive as it gets, and he also possesses a great midrange game. This ability to keep the defense guessing, makes him one of the most difficult players to guard 1 on 1, in both the NBA as well as in NBA 2K15. Here are a few effective ways to use Westbrook in NBA 2K15 – be sure to check out the video for in-game footage.

  • Call a pick for a midrange jumper
  • Pick and roll with Kevin Durant
  • Pick and pop with Kevin Durant
  • Drive the lane to draw the defense, kick out to open shooters for the 3
  • Cross over + spin move combo
  • Step-back jumper from midrange

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