NBA 2K15 Tips: How to Score Using the ‘Splash Brothers’

Here are some quick tips on ways to score using the Golden State Warriors dynamic backcourt duo, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, aka “The Splash Brothers”. One basic strategy is to use center Andrew Bogut as a set-up man to free up the two prolific scorers. Bogut is excellent at setting physical screens and has the “Brick Wall” badge. He is also a very good passer out of the post (arguably the best passing center, along with Marc Gasol and Joakim Noah).

Another tip to free up Steph and Klay, is to use these following plays to create spacing and opportunities: Zipper Quick 2, Horns Fist 12 Quick, Horns 14 Give 12 Quick, Horns Fist 15 Punch, Angle 4 Fist Out, Fist Up Cnr Short, 15 Angle Down, and 71 Fist Down 2 Short. Check out the video to see these plays being executed in practice and in a gameplay setting.

Via Sam Pham