NBA 2K15 The Stage is Out Now for Xbox One and PC Users


After being exclusive to the PS4 for the first month after the launch of NBA 2K15, The Stage is now available for Xbox One as well as PC users. If you haven’t heard of The Stage, here are the details below:

The Park makes its return on the rooftop of a building located in the heart of the city in the form of The Stage. This is a neutral site where the love for your park is set aside for your love of VC. It’s time to put your VC where your mouth is. Step up to one of the courts and Ante-Up the amount of VC displayed. Win and you split the pot with your team. Lose and you’ll be walking off the court with lighter pockets. Squads are supported here as well.

For those of you that enjoy high-stakes gaming, we have the High Rollers area, where your highest limits will forever live exclusively on PS4, with Ante amounts up to 45,000VC for a single game! Time to step up that game!

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