NBA 2K15 MyGM Gets Better: Distances Itself From VC, Adds Features, More Dynamic


GameInformer has posted a new article today called “29 Reasons Why MyGM May Be the Future of Franchise Modes”, which details the new conversation system, GM tools, scouting, offseason, player progression, and more for NBA 2K15 MyGM.

Here a few highlights from the article:

  • VC: “Visual Concepts is distancing itself from its controversial approach to injecting VC into the MyGM experience last year. In NBA 2K15 the VC is nearly stripped out of the mode in favor of a leveling system where you accrue XP for every action you take.”
  • Full Control: “In response to last year’s backlash regarding basic functions being hidden behind the upgrade system, Visual Concepts has surfaced the vital skills that form the backbone of the GM experience. Every GM has full control of trades, free agency, player rotations, coach firings, etc. right from the start.”
  • New SimCast: “Strategy-minded players who prefer a hands-off approach should check out SimCast. This new system allows you to manage rotations, strategies, sliders, and points of emphasis before hitting the start button on a sim.”
  • New Ways to Scout: “A new pro scouting system analyzes how your team stacks up against your next opponent. Feedback includes areas of weakness you can exploit in the rival team, an analysis of their biggest threats, the team stats, and suggested points of emphasis.”
  • New Storylines for Draft Picks: “Visual Concepts plans to surface several storylines throughout the year based on research it did on the last 20-30 draft classes. The various types of players you could encounter include flash-in-the-pan players who may be at their full potential already on draft day, late bloomers who rise up the draft board at the last minute, players with serious injury concerns that you may not know about unless you him in for a visit.”
  • College Stats Simulation: “For NBA 2K15 Visual Concepts built an engine to simulate an entire college season, giving you the ability to look at the stats of all draft candidates.”
  • New Draft Combine: “NBA 2K15 adds the draft combine to the mix this year, where you may find out that a school is playing fast and loose with the height and weights they list in their game programs.”
  • Improved Player Progression: “Visual Concepts has done a significant amount of work on player progression this year. Before, all you could do was train them in the offseason. This year that progression is split between the offseason workouts and in-season training.”
  • Improved Offseason Logic:“Visual Concepts says the CPU-controlled teams in NBA 2K15 have improved logic this year when managing their roster balance. Teams should better recognize that they don’t need to spend on another point guard if their team already has a viable starter and will know to use their resources elsewhere.”
  • Check out the entire article for more in-depth details on NBA 2K15 MyGM.

Via Gameinformer