NBA 2K Tips for Offense: How to Move Without the Ball (My Player)

You’d be surprised (or not) how many real life basketball tactics translate to NBA 2K14 (and NBA 2K15). And hey, it should right? After all the game comes with the label of “NBA Simulation”. With that said, let’s get right into it. Here are a few quick, common sense tips on how to move without the ball in my career, online blacktop, the park, or any mode where you’re controlling just your own player.

Screen and Roll

The most fundamental play in basketball, done by setting a screen on the ball handler’s man and then rolling to the basket. This move without the ball will usually force a switch or indecision on the defender’s part, and create opportunities for the offense.

Pick and Pop

If your player is a good outside shooter, set a screen for the ball handler then fade to the outside. Especially effective if you have a big man guarding you, who’s natural instinct / tendency is to protect the rim. This will either leave space open for your shot if he retreats to the hoop, or bring him out to the perimeter for a major mismatch.

Spot Up

Chillin’ out at the 3 pt line corners or 3 pt wing are the best areas to spot up, which creates space for your teammates to drive to the lane, throw an ally-oop to another teammate, or draw and kick out to you for the open shot. It helps if your player has a decent outside shot, or the defender usually won’t respect the spot up and will sag off and dare you to shoot.


This is a common and simple basketball cut, in the shape of the letter “L” (player starting from inside and L-cutting to the outside), and is an effective cut to get free of your man and catch the ball in stride for an outside shot.

Backdoor Cut

Say you’re spotting up at the corner 3 pt line and the defender is playing you super tight. A quick backdoor cut would be the solution to that and can net you some nice ally-oops.

Off-ball Screen

Do you often play in games where the offense is stagnant? Well set some off-ball screens to get the player movement going, and when timed right, it can create some nice opportunities for your teammates or your own player.

Hope these tips have helped your game and check back here for more upcoming NBA 2K14 tips. If you’d like to learn more basketball cuts, check out this useful article over at

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