Spot Finder Badge

Spot Finder Badge

By utilizing the “Get Open” mechanic (R2 or Right Trigger Tap), Spot Finder allows players to receive a speed boost off-the-ball to get to an open space, with a raised chance of knocking down the shot off the ensuing catch.


  • Badge Requirements
    • Height: 5’7″ – 7’3″
    • Bronze: Acceleration 45 and either Close Shot 55 or Mid-Range Shot 55 or Three-Point Shot 60
    • Silver: Acceleration 68 and either Close Shot 70 or Mid-Range Shot 69 or Three-Point Shot 75
    • Gold: Acceleration 80 and either Close Shot 80 or Mid-Range Shot 79 or Three-Point Shot 86
    • HOF: Acceleration 93 and either Close Shot 91 or Mid-Range Shot 90 or Three-Point Shot 93
  • How to Activate This Badge
    • Tap RT / R2 to utilize the “Get Open” mechanic
  • Combine this Badge with:
    • Guard Up Badge
    • Limitless Range Badge
    • Claymore Badge
    • Slippery-Off Ball Badge
  • Builds this Badge is Best Suited for:
    • Shooters
  • Attributes to Increase:
    • Acceleration
    • Three-Point
    • Mid-Range
    • Close Shot
  • Gameplay & Playstyle Tips:
    • Read how the defense is playing you and try to find an open spot
  • Controls: Tap RT / R2 to utilize the “Get Open” mechanic
  • Skill(s): Offense > Shooting
  • Type: Shooting Badge
  • Notes:
    • Simulated games do not count towards earning badges
    • Badges have 4 Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame
    • Badges also have 4 tiers: S, A, B, C (with S being the best)
    • Badge availability depends on the archetype

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