NBA 2K League 2022 Draft Details: Draft Order, Draft Pool, #1 Pick, & More

Details of the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft have been revealed by the NBA 2K League today for its upcoming fifth anniversary season. The event will be held virtually on Saturday, February 26 at 6 PM Eastern and live streamed via NBA 2K League’s Twitch and YouTube channels. The three-round draft will see Mavs Gaming with the #1 overall pick and include a pool of players made up from a variety of places, including unretained players from last season, previous tournaments, and more. The complete draft pool will be announced at a later date.

Read the full press release below:

NEW YORK – The NBA 2K League announced today that the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft will be held virtually on Saturday, Feb. 26 at 6 p.m. ET and livestreamed on the NBA 2K League’s Twitch and YouTube channels ahead of the league’s fifth anniversary season.

In celebration of its fifth season, the NBA 2K League is launching #NBA2KL5, a season-long campaign highlighting the top moments, performances and players throughout the league’s history.

“Since the league’s inaugural season in 2018, we have grown domestically and internationally to 24 teams and witnessed incredible moments – both on and off the virtual court – with the hundreds of NBA 2K League players who have made the league what it is today,” said NBA 2K League President Brendan Donohue. “The NBA 2K League’s fifth anniversary season is not only a tribute to those teams, players and countless individuals who have been a part of the league’s history, but also a celebration of the next five years and beyond.  We are thrilled to tip off this next chapter in our history with the 2022 Draft.”

All 24 NBA 2K League teams, including the league’s expansion team representing Mexico, DUX Gaming, will complete their five-person rosters during the three-round draft.  The players on these five‑person rosters will compete in both the league’s traditional 5v5 competition and the recently-announced 3v3 tournaments entitled by Coinbase.  Mavs Gaming will have the first overall pick, Cavs Legion GC will have the second overall selection, and Bucks Gaming will have the third overall pick.  During the offseason, 69 players who competed in the 2021 season were retained by their teams, leaving 51 roster spots available.  For the complete draft order, click here.

The 2022 draft pool will consist of unretained players from last season, players who earned draft eligibility as part of the “NBA 2K League Draft Prospect Series,” select participants in the NBA 2K League’s Women in Gaming initiative, select competitors in the NBA 2K League’s APAC and European Invitationals, and high-performing players in the 2K community as determined by league and team officials.  The complete draft pool will be announced at a later date.

The broadcast will feature NBA 2K League President Brendan Donohue announcing select picks, technological advances showing hosts and broadcasters in a new LED immersive studio, a variety of viewing options through Twitch’s Command Center, clips from NBA 2K League original content series “Draft Hopefuls”, and broadcast segments of the top 5 Draft moments, Draft day outfits and Draft steals as part of #NBA2KL5.  The broadcast will also feature live look-ins with Draft prospects, select team “war rooms” and NBA 2K League operations headquarters.

The NBA 2K League will announce additional information related to the 2022 season in the coming months, including details of qualifying events for the 3v3 tournaments entitled by Coinbase, where for the first time ever, amateur teams from around the world will have the opportunity to participate alongside NBA 2K League teams for a share of the 3v3 tournament prize pool.

For more information, fans can follow the NBA 2K League on Twitter (NBA2KLeague), Instagram (nba2kleague), Facebook  (NBA 2K League), TikTok (nba2kleague), Twitch (NBA2KLeague) and YouTube (NBA 2K League) and visit

NBA 2K League 2022 Draft Order

  1. MVG
  2. CLG
  3. BCG
  4. BCG (Acquired from LKG)
  5. DUX
  6. GEN (Acquired from HCG)
  7. RUG
  8. HCG
  9. CCG
  10. MGG
  11. HCG (Acquired from TWG)
  12. MGG (Acquired from SGC)
  13. BZG
  14. BCG (Acquired from SGC)
  15. SGC (Acquired from PGT)
  16. GEN (Acquired from GZG)
  17. KNX
  18. PCG
  19. WGS
  20. JZG
  21. WDG
  22. LKG
  23. BCG
  24. HTG
  25. MVG (Acquired from RUG)
  26. DUX
  27. MVG
  28. CLG
  29. HTG (Acquired from HCG)
  30. CCG
  31. MGG
  32. GEN
  33. KGG
  34. BZG
  35. KGG (Acquired from SGC)
  36. PGT
  37. GZG
  38. KNX
  39. HVG
  40. NGC
  41. TWG (Acquired from WGS)
  42. WDG
  43. HCG (Acquired from HTG)
  44. RUG (Acquired from MVG)
  45. NGC (Acquired from GEN)
  46. PGT (Acquired from SGC)
  47. MVG
  48. NGC
  49. HVG
  50. HVG
  51. JZG (Acquired from BCG)

NBA 2K League 2022 Draft Pool

  1. LCB
  2. PBE_Rial-
  3. AitorBigBoy
  4. BreakerTheBeast
  5. WaarnocKs
  6. Fitzmagic13
  7. Merc
  8. galloOTTR
  9. DJ
  10. Stick
  11. Euro Dunk
  12. Hoff VE
  13. Hegotgame034
  14. Vergil
  15. BnastyTC
  16. Clampism
  18. KennyZeus
  19. sleep
  20. Roach
  21. Famous
  22. ReturnOfDJ
  23. Simptoms
  24. Jolo
  25. Anklez_
  26. YoungStar
  27. HesiCap
  28. LiLoudii
  29. JayVee
  30. Jyden
  31. Kaii T5
  32. Thankyu
  33. Turbo
  34. Rangeiana
  35. SaveReap
  36. AboutTheGame
  37. Streetz
  38. AskJosh
  39. Quise
  40. Ty
  41. YFN CBO
  42. aitorvk11
  43. NxtOnChovet
  44. JohhnyRed
  45. DTrick
  46. Goon
  47. TreyDollaz
  48. Mahzi
  49. GuardMooch
  50. Jarsityy
  51. King Haad
  52. Logic_Stark
  53. iamDvpe
  54. Gloski
  55. Witness
  56. xMaiTV
  57. Reign
  58. Glennratty
  59. GreenTooNice
  60. Harby1K
  61. Zayy
  62. SELDUM
  63. UNIT
  64. zPloe
  65. iFlaccoTV
  66. iM xTopGuard
  67. SB
  68. Icyy
  69. LuizClxmps
  70. Ant SZN
  71. unguardable
  72. xIrritatedx-_-
  73. FantaSZN
  74. Buddah
  75. Djay
  76. MacRebxrn
  77. Bagmotion__
  78. KevDontMiss
  79. Kapp
  80. Wolo
  81. Putback
  82. Gilly
  83. BRiess-
  85. icygrl
  86. trealtalk211
  87. Miya
  88. chromeantennae
  89. Demon JT
  90. EG4Hunnid
  91. Homi
  92. Larry
  93. BigGuido2k
  94. ScoJacob
  95. Shuttles
  96. Sid sicksevan
  97. TwinDeeTv
  98. WelshJordy
  99. giantsfan696
  100. Krispy
  101. Filipecaos
  102. Moon-RTS
  103. All Hail Trey
  104. Arooks
  105. Big Perm
  106. Big Saint
  107. Bp
  108. BRich
  109. Bulleyy
  110. CantGuardRob
  111. cooksiverson
  112. dawsix
  113. Deedz
  114. Dhuggzz
  115. DjLayyy
  116. DT
  117. Fakiee II
  118. followTHEGOD
  119. FutureClutch
  120. G O O F Y 7 5 7
  121. Gen
  122. Getonmylevel41
  123. Gooner
  124. Idrisdagoat6
  125. Jaden
  126. Jayrod
  127. KayAus
  128. Kerry
  129. Komp
  130. Legit
  131. MaJes7ic
  132. Matty
  133. Milo
  134. sawc
  135. BallLikeSeem
  136. Seese
  137. SlayIsland
  138. Steez
  139. Timelycook
  140. TsJosh
  141. Bucket
  142. Lex
  143. Scretty
  144. Expose
  145. MYLES

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