Hustle Rebounder Badge

Hustle Rebounder Badge

An elite rebounder known for chasing rebounds out of his area.


To speed up Badge Grinding for Hustle Rebounder and get this badge fast:

  • Combine badge grinding efforts with Putback King and Break Starter badges
  • Join a team with bad offense and good defense to maximize the likelihood of misses by both teams.
  • Box out (preferably the other team’s best rebounder) whenever possible and focus on gaining inside position.
  • Focus on the trajectory of the ball when someone shoots, to anticipate which way the ball will bounce off the rim. You should take distance, height, and speed of the bounce off the rim into consideration when making your move to snag the board.
  • Work on timing your jump and anticipation
  • Use 2K Camera angle for best perspective for getting rebs
  • Increase Rebounding and Strength attributes
  • Note: You can earn badges during the playoffs
  • Note: Simulated games do not count towards earning badges
  • Note: Badge availability depends on which archetype you choose


How to get it: Get offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds.

All Badge Requirements


Name: Hustle Rebounder

Description: An elite rebounder known for chasing rebounds out of his area.

Effects:  Increases box out, rebounding, vertical, increases chance of grabbing a rebound.

Controls: Rebound =  Y (XB1), Triangle (PS4).  Box Out = RT (XB1) / R2 (PS4). All Controls

Skill(s): Rebounding

Type: Skill Badge > Rebounding Badge


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