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Hot Stopper Badge

Boosts takeover meter after making defensive plays. Gives an additional boost towards takeover progress after making plays on the defensive end.


For Best Results:

  • Combine this Badge with:
    • Clamps Badge
  • Builds this Badge is Best Suited for:
    • Lockdown Defenders
    • Perimeter Defenders
    • Interior Defenders
  • Attributes to Increase:
    • Perimeter Defense
    • Interior Defense
    • Steal
    • Block
  • Gameplay & Playstyle Tips:
    • This badge is activated by making defensive plays, which gives an extra boost towards Takeover progress.
    • To increase the success rate of playing defense:
      • First, the basic goal for individual defense is to stay between your man and the hoop.
      • Pay attention to the offense’s tendencies, then adapt and exploit weaknesses (For example, if a player tends to shoot threes, play tight; if a player only tries to dunks, sag off; etc). Learning tendencies for all 5 players of the opposing offense will help you to become a high bball iq lockdown defender.
      • Don’t just go for blocks when contesting a shot and don’t jump unless /until the other player jumps. Instead, use RS for the hands-up animation.
      • Focus on being apart of team defense by guarding your man but always being ready to play help D, rotating to the open man, switching (when it makes sense), helping the helper, and overall having your teammate’s back.
      • Shade the defender towards help defense
      • Take away 3PT shots by playing tight, staying on the side, and to contest towards shooting hand.
      • Vs dunkers / drivers, try to cut off their driving angle and creating contact before the player gets near the hoop, as well as drawing charges.
      • Go for on-ball steals vs big men or players with poor ball handling
      • Play the passing lanes
      • Utilize zone defense as needed
      • Take calculated risks so that you’re still able to recover, i.e. when going for steals and blocks, double teaming, etc.
  • Notes:
    • Simulated games do not count towards earning badges
    • Badges have 4 Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame
    • Badge availability depends on the archetype