“2K Heroes” New NBA 2K15 Game Mode Explained

The basic concept is users will choose from one of the in-game NBA “2K Heroes” fantasy lineups in NBA 2K15 (Xbox 360 / PS3), such as “Team Shaq” or “Team Curry”, and face off vs other like teams head-to-head online. For the “2K Heroes” team with the most wins from launch until All-Star Weekend, 2K will donate to that charity. So a cool “NBA Cares” type of thing that bridges videogames with a real life charity. Check out the videos for a further breakdown of the mode. What “2K Heroes” team will you be rolling with in NBA 2K15?

2K Heroes Teams:

  • Team KD – PG: M. Johnson / SG: K. Bryant / SF: K. Durant / PF: K. Malone / C: H. Olajuwon
  • Team Jordan – PG: M. Johnson / SG: M. Jordan / SF: S. Pippen / PF: J. Worthy / C: H. Olajuwon
  • Team Curry – PG: M. Bogues / SG: S. Curry / SF: D. Curry / PF: M. Jordan / C: M. Johnson
  • Team Drexler: PG: C. Drexler / SG :J. Erving / SF: L. Bird / PF: B. Russell / C: H. Olajuwon
  • Team Worthy: PG: M. Johnson / SG :M. Jordan / SF: J. Worthy / PF: H. Olajuwon / C: S. O’Neal
  • Team Shaq: PG: P. Maravich / SG: M. Jordan / SF: J. Erving / K. Malone / C: S. O’Neal
  • Team Robinson: PG: J. Stockton / SG: L. James / SF: L. Bird / PF: T. Duncan / C: D. Robinson
  • Team LeBron: PG: O. Robertson / SG: M. Jordan / SF: L.Bird / PF: L. James / C: M. Johnson

Via Shake4ndBake