Charge Card Badge

Charge Card Badge

Adept at placing himself in position to win charge calls.


To speed up Badge Grinding for Charge Card and get this badge fast:

  • Focus on drawing charges when the CPU is using turbo
  • The easiest way to draw charges is on the opponent’s fast breaks. So maximize fast break opportunities by either purposely throwing the ball backcourt using lop-pass controls, or by intentionally taking bad shots.
  • Another way is to aim to draw charges when defending the pick and roll, as sometimes the CPU is predictable on which way they’ll dribble towards.
  • The CPU player’s tendencies and offensive awareness will play a factor in how easy or not it is to draw a charge on a ball handler.
  • Upgrade defensive attributes
  • Note: You can earn badges during the playoffs
  • Note: Simulated games do not count towards earning badges
  • Note: Badge availability depends on which archetype you choose


How to get it: Draw charges.

All Badge Requirements


Name: Charge Card (This Badge has been discontinued in NBA 2K20)

Description: Adept at placing himself in position to win charge calls.

Effects:  Improves success rate of drawing charges

Controls: Take Charge = Hold B (XB1) / Hold Circle (PS4)   All Controls

Skill(s): Defense

Type: Skill Badge > Defense Badge


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