MyGM Developer Diary with Screenshots for NBA 2K14

This is not your grandpa’s Association… this is NEXT GEN MyGM mode! Next-Gen NBA 2K14 is bringing the goods and blowing the roof off of franchise mode. In a new MyGM Developer Diary over at OperationSports, 2K Sports senior producer Erick Boenick goes over the new MyGM mode in detail. Below, we’ve organized some of the key points that stuck out:

Becoming a GM:
– When you create your GM he/she has 7 different specialties to choose from:
Tactician, Physician, Evaluator, Persuader, Broker, Entrepreneur, and Psychologist.
– In MyGM you can level up your GM. There are also 7 different attribute upgrades each with 10 different levels to upgrade.

– Each owner has a unique personality and rated by six different attributes: Money, Team Success, Team Image, Involvement, Franchise Morale, and Patience.  
– Each owner will have his own demands / wishlists / goals for you that is driven by his unique personality.
– You can purchase your own franchise if you perform well enough and earn VC based on your annual profit level.

– You can now hire former NBA players as assistant coaches
– Assistant coaches can now become head coaches (yours can too – by promotion or they can leave for another team’s head coaching gig).
– 6 positions: (C.F.O., Assistant GM, Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Head Scout, Trainer)
– Staff badges (similar to signature skills but for staff) are Tactician, Coaching Legend, Former Player, Teacher, Clutch, Rejuvenator, Short-Timer (negative), and Competitor (negative).

Team Facilities:
– You can upgrade stadium, attendance, operations, and player upgrades


– 2K has “captured real-world numbers with respect to a team’s market size, metropolitan area size, per capita income, fan loyalty, fan resiliency, and much more”
– The owner gives you a cash flow and it’s your job to decide what to spend it on for the franchise (players, staff, stadium upgrades, etc).

– Generational players:  There will be players in the draft that come along once in a while that everyone knows will be the #1 overall, and are considered generational talents (and will be treated as such with high value around the league).  For example, Lebron James, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan.
– There will be interaction with various staff, players, etc through an all new Conversation Engine
– There are GM press conferences

What do you think of all the new features and the new MyGM mode?  Let us know in the comments.

Via OperationSports

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