NBA 2K22 Gameplay Update: Dribble Movement Speeds Buffed Slightly in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang announced via Twitter that there was a recent gameplay update to NBA 2K22. A “Minor bump up to dribble movement speeds in this morning’s update. Small guards will feel it the most.”

The update comes after Patch 8 finally nerfed the “left-right cheese”, after a wave of complaints on social media. The latest update to dribbling definitely makes a difference, but it remains to be seen if it gets to the levels of cheese we saw before the patch. 2K will likely continue to tweak the gameplay in search of gameplay balance in the future, depending on the severity of cheese seen and feedback received by the 2K Community. We think passing lane steals are the next thing that should be looked at by 2K, as the amount we’re seeing – especially in 5v5 – are absolutely OP.

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