Lucky Guy Gets Early Release Copy of NBA 2K15 Next-Gen


One lucky poster over at Operation Sports has obtained an early release of NBA 2K15 and has set up a Q&A thread to answer any questions about
the highly anticipated game.

Here are few of the new things that were mentioned from him trying out NBA 2K15 (next-gen):

  • On-ball defense is vastly improved, easier to stay with the guy you’re guarding
  • Game atmosphere is better
  • You can change player accessories for home and away in edit player
  • New player durability rating, i.e. Derrick Rose had a 48 for his left and right knee durability, while Lillard had a 97 and 98.
  • Injury type you can edit if a player is hurt, has a list of injuries to choose from
  • Chris Paul looks better in NBA 2K15 than NBA 2K14
  • Steve Kerr is still part of the broadcasting team
  • Practice mode you get two rebounders so you don’t have to chase the ball after you shoot
  • Several new and detailed defensive settings added

Via Operation Sports

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