Kobe Bryant NBA 2K14 Trailer: The Black Mamba Returns

When is Kobe coming back? Well, according to ESPN, the Black Mamba may make his highly anticipated return from his Achilles tendon injury as early as Friday, December 7 at the Sacramento Kings. He hasn’t been cleared to play, but he hasn’t been ruled out either. You can be sure that Bryant, who just signed a two-year, $48.5 million extension, will be out to prove a point after being ranked 25th in ESPN’s NBA player rankings, the criticism over his recent contract, and to show that he’s still a top player post-injury. To commemorate his (hopefully) imminent return, here is a NBA 2K14 (current gen) Kobe trailer.

UPDATE: Kobe will make his comeback on Sunday, December 8 vs the Raptors (on NBA TV at 9:30pm EST). source:


Via KellHitEmUp95

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