Interview with NBA 2K League Player, Jacob “Procis1on” Walls

We recently interviewed NBA 2K League player, Jacob Walls, a.k.a. Procis1on, about his involvement with esports, being among the 102 players who’ll be drafted by the NBA 2K League on April 4, and more!  Read the full interview below and check out video highlights of him and his squad, Old School, in action in the Xbox MPBA Finals.

2KW: Tell us a little about your background, how you got into NBA 2K, esports, and the NBA 2K League in particular.

Procis1on: The first game that I ever played competitively was Gears of War. Funny enough the sole reason that I purchased GOW was because I thought that having a chainsaw attached to your gun was the coolest thing ever. After that, I eventually got introduced to competitive GOW gaming scene. I later began participating and placing “Pro” at a few Major League Gaming (MLG) live events for Gears of War 2. Since I’ve always loved sports, when I stopped playing GOW2, I transitioned to NBA 2K, which was a perfect fit. I started playing competitively back in NBA 2K13. Almost right away, I became one of the best “Gamebattles” and “Gamersaloon” players in both singles and team-up modes. Once the competitive Pro-Am took over the scene in NBA 2K16, I took my talents to that game mode. During my first year, my team was the second team to qualify for the “Road To The Finals” tournament; however, the following year for NBA 2K17, due to internet issues on our team, I was unable to qualify for the NBA 2K17 “Road To The All Star Game” tournament. This year in NBA 2K18, aside from making the NBA 2KLeague, my MPBA team “Old School” recently won an MPBA tournament on XBOX.

2KW: What approach did you take towards NBA 2KL Combine qualifications, and what was the archetype(s) you went with?

Procis1on: I ended up using a “pure-sharpshooter” build at the SG. I was originally planning on using an archetype with “sharp” as part of it and not a “pure;” but, once, I figured out that the shooting sliders were turned down a great deal from normal Pro-Am mode, I decided to go “pure-sharp” build. This was largely because a big part part of my game is making my opponent’s respect the three ball; and, then, once they overplay that, everything else starts to open up for me. There were other combine archetypes that were potentially more conductive to achieving higher statistics, such as the “shot creating- slashers.” However, that has never been how I played 2K; and, honestly, I don’t feel that type of approach and build is going to be successful once you actually play against ten very good opponents like I will during the league.

2KW: How would you describe your play style, and which NBA player (current or past) would you compare your game to?

Procis1on: I would say it’s a little different when I have the ball in a play-making role versus when I’m playing off-ball. On-ball, I would compare my game mostly to Stephen Curry. I love to work to the pick and roll and if they give me any type of space, I am willing to pull a three at any moment. Once my opponent starts overplaying the three line,I am a very good decision-maker and can make great reads off a big man’s movements, whether they hedge or just getting the ball to the big down low, if they fully switch. When I’m playing off-ball, I would compare my game more to a Klay Thompson – Paul George type player. I aim to be one of the best shooters in the game; but, I’m also able to make plays off the dribble as well as create an impact on the defensive end of things.

2KW: What are some noteworthy experiences you’ve had so far and favorite NBA 2K memory?

Procis1on: I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of good experiences on 2K so far. I’ve pretty much won some type of tournament on every game mode on 2K during the years. This includes winning in 1on1, “MyTeam,” regular team-up, Pro-AM as well as Mountain Dew tournament modes. My favorite memory is still probably 2K13 though as I was just proving for the first time that I was one of the best 2K players in the world.

2KW: What are you most looking forward to about the 2K League?

Procis1on: Honestly, the process of getting better with my team. I think the potential game-play and competition will be great as there hasn’t been many competitive Pro-Am or other 2K teams that have been able to put in the hours in the film room and the time needed to really perfect the little things, including proper execution offensive and defensive scheme, so I’m actually really excited for that part about the league.

2KW: What’s the first thing you plan to do and what would be your long-term goal?

Procis1on: Honestly, I have no clue, so I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or not. However, my long term goal is just to win multiple championships and be a fixture on the top teams in the league. With this goal in mind, hopefully I prove that I deserve to be in this league for years to come.

2KW: Who’s your favorite NBA team, favorite NBA player, and do you have a preference of what team you want to get drafted by?

Procis1on: I used to be a die-hard Chicago Bulls fan; but, now I really love watching the Warriors play. It’s not even their offense either that grabs my attention; but, it’s their defense. Their usage of “small ball” lineup of death and their ability to switch everything on defense is unbelievable to watch. They even switch on the big man setting a screen before the player can even set the screen. Their defensive play-style is exactly how I think basketball should be played on both ends of the court. Ultimately, I hope to get drafted to the right situation to play with a good group of talented players that only care about the winning.

Thanks to Jacob for doing this interview and be sure to tune into the NBA 2K League draft on April 4 to see which team drafts him!

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