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    #NBA2K20Slashing Defender Height: 6'6, Weight: 210 lbs, Wingspan: 82.0, Body Shape: Compact, Handed: Right, Skill Breakdown (Pie Chart from Top to Bottom): Skill Pie 4 (Finishing Defense), Physical Profile (Pie Chart from Top to Bottom): Physical Pie 3 (Speed & Strength), Takeover: Lockdown Defender, Mode(s) it's Best for: Pro-Am, Jump Shot: , : Triple Threat Styles, Free Throw: Steve Nash, Dribble Pull-Ups: , Post Hooks: , Size-Up Packages: , Moving Behind The Backs: , Layups: R. Westbrook, Dunks Package 1: Michael Jordan, Dunks Package 2: Kobe Bryant, Close Shot (Potential): 81, Driving Layup (Potential): 86, Driving Dunk (Potential): 91, Standing Dunk (Potential): 65, Post Hook (Potential): 65, Mid-Range Shot (Potential): 78, Three-Point Shot (Potential): 76, Free Throw (Potential): 85, Post Fade (Potential): 72, Pass Accuracy (Potential): 73, Ball Handle (Potential): 78, Post Moves (Potential): 71, Interior Defense (Potential): 78, Perimeter Defense (Potential): 95, Lateral Quickness (Potential): 84, Steal (Potential): 83, Block (Potential): 74, Offensive Rebound (Potential): 78, Defensive Rebound (Potential): 90, Badge Upgrades (Finishing): 15, Badge Upgrades (Shooting): 3, Badge Upgrades (Playmaking): 8, Badge Upgrades (Def / Reb): 30, Speed: 90, Strength: 75, Acceleration: 90, Vertical: 88, Badges (Add any Badges with Badge level): Finishing: Silver Acrobat, Silver Consistent Finisher, HOF Contact Finisher, Silver Fancy Footwork, Gold Fastbreak Finisher, Bronze Giant Slayer, Bronze Pro Touch. Shooting: Silver Green Machine, Bronze Quick Draw. Playmaking: Silver Dimer, Gold Quick First Step, Silver Unpluckable, Silver Tight Handles. Defense: Gold Chase Down Artist, HOF Clamps, Gold Defensive Leader, Silver Heart Crusher, Silver Interceptor, Gold Intimidator, Gold Off-Ball Pest, Gold Pick Dodger, Silver Pick Pocket, Bronze Pogo Stick, Silver Rebound Chaser, Silver Tireless Defender.

    Very good defensive build with some inside scoring.


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