LockDown Defender

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    #NBA2K20#Point GuardLockdown Defender Height: 6'6, Weight: 215 lbs, Wingspan: 82.7, Body Shape: Burly, Handed: Left, Skill Breakdown (Pie Chart from Top to Bottom): Skill Pie 10 (Pure Defense), Physical Profile (Pie Chart from Top to Bottom): Physical Pie 5 (Balanced), Takeover: Lockdown Defender, Mode(s) it's Best for: Park & Pro-Am, Jump Shot: Jump Shot 38, Free Throw: Steve Nash, Dribble Pull-Ups: Athletic 3, Spin Jumpers: Normal 8, Hop Jumpers: Normal 21, Post Fades: Fade 3, Post Hooks: Hook 3, Post Hop Shots: Post Hop Shot 1, Post Shimmy Fades: Shimmy Fade 8, Post Shimmy Hooks: Shimmy Hook 1, Dribble Style: Kyrie Irving, Size-Up Packages: A. Iverson, Moving Crossovers: Pro 2, Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 5, Moving Spins: Pro 4, Moving Hesitations: Pro 1, Triple Threat Styles: Normal 8, Layups: Long Athlete, Dunks Package 1: Russell Westbrook, Dunks Package 2: Kobe Bryant, Close Shot (Potential): 60, Driving Layup (Potential): 75, Driving Dunk (Potential): 90, Standing Dunk (Potential): 31, Post Hook (Potential): 35, Mid-Range Shot (Potential): 70, Three-Point Shot (Potential): 56, Free Throw (Potential): 84, Post Fade (Potential): 70, Pass Accuracy (Potential): 82, Ball Handle (Potential): 75, Post Moves (Potential): 36, Interior Defense (Potential): 83, Perimeter Defense (Potential): 97, Lateral Quickness (Potential): 92, Steal (Potential): 99, Block (Potential): 96, Offensive Rebound (Potential): 69, Defensive Rebound (Potential): 99, Badge Upgrades (Finishing): 1, Badge Upgrades (Shooting): 3, Badge Upgrades (Playmaking): 10, Badge Upgrades (Def / Reb): 30, Speed: 94, Strength: 93, Acceleration: 90, Vertical: 99, Badges (Add any Badges with Badge level): Recommend using silver Quickdraw with hotzone hunter, or Catch and shoot, or corner specialist on bronze. Playmaking and defense is up to you guys to layout. remember Im putting this build at its max potential plus Gym rat added on as well.

    This Build is good depending on who is behind the sticks. It can guard 1-5. can shoot all around the key if you can time your jumper. I dont know if you would call it a bad thin, but the build is 6’6. Has HOF defensive Badges only.


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