Fun Center Dunking Build

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    #Center#NBA2K20Interior Finisher Height: 7'1, Weight: 222 lbs, Wingspan: max, Body Shape: Burly, Handed: Right, Mode(s) it's Best for: Park & Pro-Am, Jump Shot: Stephen Curry, Free Throw: , Driving Layup (Potential): 74, Driving Dunk (Potential): 76, Standing Dunk (Potential): 95, Mid-Range Shot (Potential): 37, Three-Point Shot (Potential): 33, Free Throw (Potential): 64, Pass Accuracy (Potential): 68, Ball Handle (Potential): 47, Interior Defense (Potential): 75, Perimeter Defense (Potential): 35, Steal (Potential): 28, Block (Potential): 82, Offensive Rebound (Potential): 68, Defensive Rebound (Potential): 76, Badge Upgrades (Finishing): , Strength: 91, Acceleration: 47, Vertical: 54

    PROS = Like a Giannis build. Tall at 7’1, you get dunk packages with 75 dunk rating if you make his weight low. With 30 HOF finishing badges, you get the hopstep into paint + HOF contact finisher and it’s a wrap.

    CONS = 51 speed but you could choose the faster pie. Also can’t shoot worth crap, defense and reb mediocre attributes but 10 def badges


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