2-Way Slashing Playmaker

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    Attachment #NBA2K20#Point Guard2 Way Slashing Playmaker Height: 6'4, Weight: 200 lbs, Wingspan: 78.8, Body Shape: Solid, Handed: Right, Mode(s) it's Best for: Pro-Am, Jump Shot: Custom, Jump Shot (Custom): Base 70, R1 50, R2 70, 50/50blend, Free Throw: Free Throw 30, Dribble Pull-Ups: Stephen Curry, Spin Jumpers: Lance Stephenson, Hop Jumpers: Lance Stephenson, Post Fades: Fade 3, Post Hooks: Hook 1, Post Hop Shots: Post Hop Shot 1, Post Shimmy Fades: Shimmy Fade 2, Post Shimmy Hooks: Shimmy Hook 2, Dribble Style: Allen Iverson, Moving Crossovers: Pro 1, Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 5, Moving Spins: Pro 2, Moving Hesitations: Pro 6, Triple Threat Styles: Normal 8, Layups: K. Irving, Dunks Package 1: Russell Westbrook, Dunks Package 2: Zach LaVine, Close Shot (Potential): 85, Driving Layup (Potential): 83, Driving Dunk (Potential): 86, Standing Dunk (Potential): 25, Mid-Range Shot (Potential): 74, Three-Point Shot (Potential): 68, Free Throw (Potential): 83, Pass Accuracy (Potential): 89, Ball Handle (Potential): 88, Interior Defense (Potential): 43, Perimeter Defense (Potential): 85, Steal (Potential): 85, Block (Potential): 53, Offensive Rebound (Potential): 45, Defensive Rebound (Potential): 84, Badge Upgrades (Finishing): 11, Badge Upgrades (Shooting): 5, Badge Upgrades (Playmaking): 23, Badge Upgrades (Def / Reb): 21, Speed: 92, Strength: 60, Acceleration: 89, Vertical: 95, Badges (Add any Badges with Badge level): (As of 09/16/2020 15:48 Eastern Time) Have earned 8 of 11 finishing, 4 of 5 shooting, 22 of 23 Playmaking, 11 of 21 Def/Reb badges. (You can spend the Lob City Passer Badge Upgrade on something else, I’m just a Lob Fanatic cuz it opens up a whole entire extra area of the offense that the defense has to account for) Bronze: none Silver: Giant Slayer, Quick Draw, Difficult Shots, Floor General, Lob City Passer Gold: Acrobat, Contact Finisher, Needle Threader, Ankle Breaker, Clamps HoF: Dimer, Quick First Step, Unpluckable, Pick Dodger, Pick Pocket

    Tier 3 Dribble Animations/Packages, Tier 3 Contact Dunk Packages, Elite Defense. Serviceable Mid-Range, can still Green 3s with the right jumpshot. Fast and a bully build on defense.
    Regarding Badges: I am very Pass-First when it comes to how I play so the Playmaking Badges I chose don’t benefit me, I look to boost my teammates’ abilities to score so the badges weren’t spent on dribbling (aside from Ankle Breaker), although it is very easy for me to get my own bucket so that also helps my teammates get open cuz I tend to have to need help defense when I’m being defended.


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