First Footage of NBA 2K16 Gameplay Revealed

The first footage of NBA 2K16 gameplay has been recently leaked in a promo seen at Gamescom 2015. We learn that 12 new legendary teams are being added to NBA 2K16, including Dirk and Nash’s 2003 Dallas Mavericks and the 2000 Portland Trail Blazers. So now we know so far that the confirmed legendary teams in NBA 2K16 are the following: ’00 Raptors, ’00 Blazers, ’01 Lakers, ’03 Mavericks, and the ’08 Celtics. Another thing spotted in the video was Steph Curry’s mo-capping, which looked to capture his signature shots, signature warm-ups, and layups.

Check out the video to see the new NBA 2K16 footage and learn more about the game!

Via vade mofo