Features, Info, Links and Impressions from the Next Gen Event for NBA 2K14

It’s been a busy few days for anyone eager to learn more about NBA 2K14 on the next gen consoles. After long anticipation, 2K has revealed a ton of info about the game, via the 2K Next Gen Event which was open to the media.

Among the many revelations, we learn that the game is not a port, has a brand new engine called “Eco Motion,” Association is now called “MyGM” (one put it as “association on steroids”), runs at 60fps and 1080p, and there’s an intriguing new feature called “The Park” (which for starters allows for 100 my players to be in the same environment at once).

For the full rundown of info, you can check it out over at the official 2K site’s forums here (post #7).

YouTuber Shakedown2012 attended the exclusive event and gives his thoughts on the New MyCareer, The Park, MyGM, Signature Dribbles and more in the video below.

If there’s one thing that came through crystal clear: the next gen version will be a huge upgrade to the game, not just in graphics but the entire experience. Your thoughts on 2K14 for next gen? Let us know in the comments!

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