Details Revealed for MyNBA2K15 App

Details and a trailer were revealed today for MyNBA2K15, the free companion app for NBA 2K15. Improvements include exclusive features like being able to chat in MyPARK, easy ways to earn extra VC, and being able to shop in the MyPLAYER Store from your mobile device. Check out the details below:

Pick up the free MyNBA2K15 app for IOS here and Android devices here.

  • Easier Login – This year you’ll be able to login to MyNBA2K with your PSN ID, Xbox Gamertag, or your Steam ID, making it much easier for people to login and give you less account credentials to have to remember.
  • View NBA 2K15 Data – In MyNBA2K15 you’ll be able to keep in touch with key stats from your MyCAREER, MyGM, and MyTEAM wherever you go. Analyze the data to decide what you should be doing next in your MyCAREER and MyGM, or show off your MyTEAM collection to your friends.
  • Daily Virtual Currency (VC) Bonus – The #1 draw to download the app is for people to earn extra VC so we’ve made this more interesting in MyNBA2K15 by allowing you to make more choices. The way it works is that you’ll draw up to 6 cards at a time. VC cards will each have different amount of VC on them (200 VC, 300 VC, etc.). Once every 24 hours you can choose to turn in 3 of those VC cards and get the combined VC amount added to your account.
  • Pick & Win – Another way to get some easy VC from the companion app. Each night you can pick the teams you think will win games being played in the NBA. The next day, come back and collect 50 VC for each game you got right, and then make your picks for the next night’s games. This feature is turned off at the moment as there are no NBA games being played.
  • MyPLAYER STORE – In MyNBA2K15 you can shop for gear in the MyPLAYER STORE, using VC from your account. Anything you purchase here will be unlocked in NBA 2K15 for you to use. You can buy clothing, jewelry, and tattoos for MyCAREER, MyGM, and MyPARK, directly from the app. This feature is only supported on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  • Enter Locker Code – Now you can enter your Locker Codes from wherever you are. You’re no longer required to be sitting in front of your console or PC to redeem Locker Codes. Turn those codes in as soon as you get them and have your reward waiting for you when you get back to playing NBA 2K15.
  • MyPARK CHAT – This year you’ll be able to chat with other players inside the MyPARK feature in NBA 2K15. You can send messages directly to anyone you can see in your Park. Contact people for games, find people to join you in a squad, or talk about strategy. The MyPARK CHAT is exclusive to MyNBA2K15. MyPARK CHAT is only supported on next gen consoles.
  • MyTEAM Mobile – The standalone card collection game is back this year as well and it’s better than ever. It was very popular last year and we have added a bunch of new features to make it a better experience. Matchmaking has improved, your draft board level increases along with your deck, there is a new player enhancement feature which will allow you to modify cards in a way that best suits your strategy, and there are over 1000 all new cards to collect.

Via NBA 2K

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