5 Ways to Know If a Player Sucks (And How to Adapt) in NBA 2K24

No one likes taking L’s from running with randoms, so here we’ve compiled a list of the obvious blinking light “I just got the game” signs and how to adjust to that one random in the City or Rec. Pay attention to these gameplay clues so that you can adjust your game accordingly, to compensate:

Their Shot Selection is Garbage

Bad players make zero distinction between a good and very poor shot selection. It’s good that NBA 2K24’s shot feedback feature communicates this, but anticipation of what the defense will do is still up to the user.

Adjustment: If they’re trigger-happy no matter the defensive pressure, only pass to them when they’re very wide open or have a clear path to the hoop.

Their Court Vision Sucks

If you can count multiple times where you were wide open and they completely missed the opportunity, chances are he ain’t looking to pass, doesn’t see the opportunity, is using a camera angle with low visibility, or (see #3).

Adjustment: If your player movement isn’t being rewarded, you could just go for rebounds or spread out while they have the ball.

They’re a Ballhog

Not all ball hogs are rooks, but the worst kind is a poor shot selection ball hog. This is usually a sign you’re in for a long game.

Adjustment: Try getting ball movement going. If he still ball hogs, pass to anyone but him and hope that he gets the hint, or quits.

They Clog the Paint 99% of the Time

We’ve all been there. The center keeps getting in your way on every drive, basically having no concept of spacing. Whether it’s intentional or not is up for debate.

Adjustment: Try to go on the other side of the clogger, or look to operate and score from the three-point land or mid-range.

Try to Avoid Randoms

Sometimes you just want to pick up and play and get in a game, but to ensure less L’s and more dubs, always be on the look out for good players to recruit so that there’s always someone decent on to run with.

Everyone has been a rookie at one time, but the good news is, it usually get’s better with enough practice and learning. Also, BBALL IQ is something which can be learned as well, and it’s NBA 2KW’s aim to help all NBA 2K ballers get their game up to elite levels.

Hope these NBA 2K tips have helped you filter out some randoms, and as always, check back often for more NBA 2K strategy tips to help you get W’s!

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