5 Cheesy Things That Need To Be Fixed For NBA 2K16’s MyPARK & 2K Pro-Am

Check out the top 5 things from MyPARK and JRC in NBA 2K15 that need to be fixed for NBA 2K16. Hopefully the following cheese doesn’t carry over to NBA 2K16’s online multiplayer modes:

1) “Demigod” Cheaters (7’2 point guards, etc.)

Actually more than “cheese”, Demigods (7’2 PG’s with all badges unlocked, etc.) takes cheese a step further, cheating the system. What’s the point of playing a mode when it’s entirely overrun by cheaters? That’s right, there is none if you’re a true baller. For MyPARK and 2K Pro-Am to have legitimacy, and to have honest competition, 2K should crack down on the cheaters who ruin the game for others.

2) Zig Zag Cheese

A commonly used “legacy cheese” is the zig-zagging left right left right cheese, which is an overpowered move. You can stop this move — it involves cohesive team help defense and running the zig zagger off the 3pt line — but this annoying cheese move is clearly overpowered. The game should punish repetitive zig-zagging, by way of a turnover, better foot planting on defense, and/or alternative options.

3) Under Basket Screen Rebound Cheese

More effective if you’re using a big man, the under the basket hold charge button cheese was another commonly used cheese at MyPARK. Because the glitch made it so you couldn’t box out the player, it was harder to get a rebound over someone using this cheese tactic. No offensive 3 in the key rule at MyPARK meant unlimited cheese.

4) Imbalanced Gameplay

NBA 2K16 could use a boost in realism when it comes to MyPARK and the gym mode 2K Pro-AM (if it’s anything like Jordan Rec Center). A higher difficulty may help fix some of unrealistic gameplay that went on in NBA 2K15 – whether it’s too many contested shots dropping, the offense side of things being too overpowered, or general head-scratching plays that would never happen on a real court.

5) 7 Foot Small Forwards

Parity in NBA 2K15 MyPARK? Not nearly enough. The influx of 7 ft small forwards meant oversaturation of one type of player – and for good reason – 7 ft SF’s are overpowered. Athletic abilities should be more negatively affected by height and weight, with lower attribute caps. Kevin Durant is an anomaly, not the median type of SF. Magic Johnson was a 6’9 PG, Manute Bol was 7’7 center, yet those aren’t used as the max height for those positions. The same logic should apply to SF’s and either cap it off at a lower height or make it more balanced.

Bonus: The Double Dribble Glitch

What cheesy things do you hope didn’t carry over to NBA 2K16? Let us know in the comments!

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