5 Beginner MyTEAM Tips & Tricks for NBA 2K24

One of NBA 2K’s staple modes over the past decade has been MyTEAM. MyTEAM is a card collecting game mode in which you collect cards to build a team to play either online or offline. It is a fun and immersive experience, and is fun whether you spend money or not.
If you are just starting in 2K24, it can be quite confusing and overwhelming. But never fear, this article is here to help you as you start your MyTEAM journey.

1. In-Season Tournament Cards

The NBA’s inaugural In-Season tournament is in full swing, and with that come In-Season tournament cards. Every team got an emerald card at the start of the tournament, and with each team’s win, that player got an evolution up one tier. Depending on how many games a team wins, is how good the specific card can get (i.e., the Lakers are 4-0, Jarred Vanderbilt evolves up to Diamond). These cards are great to start your team with Vanderbilt being a 13k MTP Diamond card once you evolve it. Look for these players as they evolve and become better and better.

2. Agenda Cards

Every so often, 2K will release cards into agendas for gamers to earn. When first starting, these cards can be helpful for getting your team off the ground. The agendas are often simple and easy to complete rather quickly.

3. Play the Game

A quick and easy way to make MTP without an Auction House this year is to simply play the game. Each game rewards you with MTP, and every win gives you additional MTP in a ball drop or wheel spin. MTP can be used to spend in the Player Market or Pack Market. Be aware: you can only make 10,000 MTP per hour.

4. In-game Tricks

There are a lot of tricks in the game to make your gameplay experience easier. One is turning off the shot meter. Once you get used to it, it is much easier to shoot without it. In addition, by holding Y, you can have players back cut and almost every time they are open off the cut.

5. No Money Spent

The biggest myth in MyTEAM is having to spend money on VC or MTP. While it may be heavily tempting, you don’t need to do it at all. You can easily make MTP to purchase certain players, and there are a lot of free players that are released throughout the year that can compete with the most expensive cards.