3 Must-Have Signature Skills for your My Player in NBA 2K14

Every my player has different signature skill needs unique to their position, player type, and what kind of player you want your player to be. But here we have selected three sig skills that any my player of any type could benefit from. Note: not every my player type is eligible for all of these, but for those who are, can’t go wrong with these:


If you want your my player to be able to withstand some contact and still make the shot, this is the best sig skill for that, and it will also make your my player a fiercer dunker.

Shot Creator

What do Michael Jordan, Kobe, Durant, Steph Curry, and Carmelo all have in common? They’re all equipt with this signature skill in NBA 2K14. This is the best signature skill for creating space to get your shot off or to get by the defense.

Lockdown Defender

If you have lockdown defender, you take away all the signature skills of the person you are guarding. That’s a huge advantage. This also improves foot-planting so your my player is less likely to slide around.

What signature skills are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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