USA E-National Team Defeats France to Win eFIBA Season 2 World Finals

credit: USA Basketball

The USA Basketball E-National Team defeated France in the finals to take home the eFIBA World championship title, as well as the the No. 1 overall ranking in eFIBA.

Leading up to the finals, Team USA defeated the Philippines 2-0 in a best-of-three semifinal series. In the finals, USA swept France 2 games to 0 to win the title. Turkey finished in 3rd place.

Team USA Goes Undefeated in Tournament

The USA team made history by becoming the first eFIBA team to win the title without losing a game, going an impressive 19-0 in the tourney.

Team USA Outstanding Performers

  • Tournament MVP: JohhnyRed
  • All-Stars for Team USA: JohnnyRed, Seese, DatBoyDimez

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