Player Profile & Interview w/NBA 2K League #Top150 Draft Prospect, Bernardo “BFleet” Flete

Name: Bernardo Flete
Gamertag: BFleet_416 (PS4) / BFleet416 (Xbox)
From: NYC, South Florida
Player Card: bfleet
Positions / Archetypes:

  • PG – Playmaking Sharpshooter
  • SG – Pure Sharpshooter
  • SF – Sharpshooting Defender
  • PF – Glass Cleaner

Twitter: @Bfleet_
YouTubeBernardo Junior Flete

Bernardo recently talked to NBA 2KW about his journey to the #Top150 and more, read below for the full interview!

Can you tell us a little about your background, how you got into competitive esports and the 2K League in particular?

My name is Bernardo Flete (BFleet) I’m Dominican and I speak spanish. My family is originally from Dominican Republic, they came over to the United States for a better life with more opportunity. I was raised in New York City, uptown Manhattan (Washington Heights) and the Bronx area. It was rough growing up where I did but we made it work. I now reside in South Florida. I took the risk of moving my family and I out of NY for the same reason they left Dominican Republic. I knew that something good would come from moving and starting a new life in a new state.

I played basketball in high school and my dream was to be a part of the NBA. I was always very competitive and my mindset was “I had to be the best in all I did.” I always played against my family and friends but I wanted more than the competition I was getting. The one game I was always great at was 2K. I’d compete with other guys in my old neighborhood barbershops and my friends as well, and I would always win.

The NBA announced the 2K League 2 years ago. I was beyond ecstatic to have found something that I was good at and enjoyed doing, and it amazed me to see that a career can be made from it. When Adam Silver announced the league on video; I was engaged within seconds of watching. Last year, participating in the combine, I really didn’t think it was going to be as huge as it is now. I tried out anyways and to be honest my mindset going into combine was “you never know unless you try”. I ended up making the Top 250 and it was then that my life changed.

What approach did you take towards NBA 2KL Combine qualifications, and what archetype(s) did you choose?

Making Top 250 last year, I knew I had to better myself overall. That involved bettering myself mentally, staying composed, not dwelling on the bad possessions in a game, demonstrating good leadership, better communication, and most importantly no arguments with teammates. I learned to play my game well, all while trying to make everyone else feel comfortable playing theirs. You can’t please everyone, so I controlled what I could. The game is all mental and you can’t succeed if you don’t work well with others. Chemistry is everything!

In the Combine I tried showing versatility by playing three different positions. I played PG on Playmaking Sharp, I played the SG as a Pure Sharp, also the PF position as a Two-Way Stretch Four. I feel comfortable playing the game of basketball and I have the basketball IQ. It’s important that each player knows that every body on the court matters.

You were in the #Top250 for Season 1 of NBA 2K League, and now #Top150 for Season 2 – what has that experience been like persevering and being recognized as a top player, not once but twice?

It’s an honor to be recognized as a top player 2 years in a row. First year, I was shocked since my only experience in e-sports was playing in MLG (Major League Gaming) Team Up tournaments on Xbox. Season two, I’m announced as a top player. I actually cried tears of joy knowing that my hard work had paid off. The amount of time and effort I put in all year while dealing with my own struggle outside of the game was all worth it. Although I made it this far, I know I’m not done yet.

Having made top 250 my first year and not making the league, motivated me to not give up, to keep grinding, and face players in the combine in season 2. I have never wanted something so bad in my life. I was focused on improving every aspect of myself. I didn’t quit after not making the league, it pushed to joined a lot more e-sports tournaments and to continue playing the game. My main goal was to better myself overall that included mentally, becoming a better leader, and making the guys around me better as well. I have been a student of the game and everyday I’m learning from every person, and everything I encounter, good or bad.

What are some noteworthy experiences you’ve had so far and favorite NBA 2K memory?

Some noteworthy experiences I’ve had was playing in tournaments such as WR, MPBA, SL2K, WR Select Draft, and I also competed in a 2K League event hosted by the Magic Gaming (Orlando Magic E-Sports Team). I went to Orlando and competed for a grand prize of cash money, and it wasn’t until the night before the event that I found a teammate. My teammate ended up being Nap, the WR Xbox Commissioner. We had never played a game together before and met just minutes before the start of the event. People were trash talking as soon as we walked through the door, but little did they know, I wasn’t there for the talking. Him and I really shut some mouths up that day. Nap and I actually made it to the finals in that event, but unfortunately we didn’t win 1st place. I will never forget that experience. That was one of the best times I’ve had in a long time, playing the game I love and getting rewarded for being good at it.

When you’re not playing 2K, what are some of your hobbies or any other games you play?

When I’m not playing 2K, I’m playing Apex Legends or Fornite. I stay active by playing basketball in real life. I’m a really laid back guy and I enjoying spending time with my loved ones. I like to travel when I’m able to, because I love seeing and experiencing new things.

How would you describe yourself as a teammate and your play style, and which NBA player (current or past) would you compare your game to?

As a teammate I would describe myself as hard working, a leader, supportive, dedicated, willing to learn, open to criticism, competitive player, and I take accountability when I make a mistake. I’m a great communicator, very respectful, trustworthy, bring positive attitude, and always push my teammates to do better. I want to see everyone on the team have confidence in themselves. Fear is something that’s in your head. Positive thoughts will get us far.

When it comes my play style, it depends on what position or archetype I bring out, being that I can play any position. On Playstation 4, I have a PG Play Sharp, SG Pure Sharp, PF Glass Cleaner. On Xbox One, I only have one player and that’s a SF Sharp Defender.

I’m very fearless, and patient, I don’t rush a shot, and I’m definitely not afraid to bring it. Some plays I like to run are pick and roll, pick and pop is my main offense, cuts to the basket, and off ball picks. The NBA player I would compare myself to would be JJ Redick, or Reggie Miller as a SG. As a PF, Kevin Love, or Kevin Garnett. As a PG, Brandon Knight and as a SF, Kawhi Leonard.

Do you have a favorite NBA team and do you have a preference of what team you want to get drafted by?

I can’t say I have a favorite team, but I’m a huge fan of the game. I’m big fan of LeBron James because of what he does on and off the court. Opening up his own school and sponsoring college students are reason’s why I idolize the man. Always giving back to the people who don’t have much is something I have always dreamt of doing my entire life.

I don’t have a preference on who I’d like to be drafted by but I’d greatly appreciate any team that does take the chance to draft me. They will have someone who won’t disappoint them at all. I can play and adjust myself to any position the team needs. I’m all about hard work and I want to build chemistry on and off the court. I practice 24/7. This game is my passion and it’s not just a game for me, it’s a career and my dream. I will never take this moment for granted! I’m looking to come out and work! When you have a talent and you’re hard working, the sky’s the limit!

A big thanks to Bernardo for doing the interview, and be sure to follow him on social media!

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