NBA 2K17 Tips: How to Unlock Jump Shot Creator in MyCAREER


The NBA 2K17 Jump Shot Creator in MyCAREER is a cool new feature in the game that allows you to combine shot animations and customize it yourself. You can customize the lower base, blend two jump shot releases together, and adjust the release speed. Here is a quick tutorial of how to unlock the jump shot creator:

  1. Put in numerous extra work practices. Results may vary
  2. Wait for Coach K to contact you via text, agree to his request to meetup
  3. Check your calendar and go to the event
  4. Your agent Bruce will text you soon after that the jump shot creator has been unlocked
  5. To access the jump shot creator, go to Menu > Options > Jump Shot Creator
  6. After saving your jump shot, you can equip the custom jump shot by going to MyPLAYER Inventory > NBA/Pro-Am Animations > NBA Shots > Find the name of the jump shot you created.
  7. That’s it! Get buckets!

Note: You may need to reload MyCAREER mode in order to see the new created jump shot on your MyCOURT.


  1. I have yet to get anything on my event calendar, but the jumpshot creator is open. I created my jumpshot, equipped it and still nothing showing from coach, my agent, or anything in event calendar. What is going on with 2k18. First my VC was being snatched now this.


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