Early NBA 2K16 News & New Features: New Classic Teams, Shoes, & More

Interviews on 2KTV with a few of the devs that are working on the upcoming NBA 2K16 game, revealed brand new info about the game recently. Here are a few things we learned:

1) NBA 2K16: More Classic Teams

Three classic teams were confirmed to be in the game: The ’99-’00 Raptors (Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Dell Curry, etc), ’00-’01 Lakers (Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, etc), and the ’07-08 Celtics (Kevin Garnet, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, etc). Additional classic teams were hinted to be included and will be announced at a later date.



2) NBA 2K16: New Signature Shoes, Enhanced Shoe Quality

Klay Thompson’s and D Wade’s respective signature shoes were confirmed to be in the game. They also said they are pushing the quality of the shoes, such as using a 3D scan.

3) NBA 2K16: More Realistic Crowds

Fans and crowds are getting enhanced in NBA 2K16, aiming for authenticity. Crowds will be more life-like, a bigger playoff atmosphere, and a lot of new animations that will take the atmosphere of the game to the next level.

4) NBA 2K16: Something BIG is in the Works (Gameplay)

2K hinted that they are working on something big, and it’ll make the game look significantly better than any game before it. What do you think it is? Share in the comments what you think.

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