NBA 2K MyPARK & 2K Pro-Am Tips: 6 Traits of a Good Player and Teammate

With the recent announcement of Crews coming back to the 360 and PS3 for NBA 2K15 in all its glory, seems like a perfect time to go over some of the elements of Crew. As a guide for when you’re recruiting for your NBA 2K15 Crew, here’s a look at the top 6 traits that tend to make a good Crew player / teammate

Good Stick Skills

To be competitive in Crews, you should be at least above average at the NBA 2K series. This includes good handles of the controls and isomotion, icon passing, and movement of your player. Luckily, these are achievable through practice, doing the training camp, and experience playing the game.

Having a Beast My Player

It’s a safe bet that within a few weeks (or less) after NBA 2K15 releases, expect many of the Crews to have 99 overall My Players. To keep up and stay competitive, focus on building your My Player up to an elite level with several signature skills (now badges).


This doesn’t necessarily have to do with being an unselfish passer, but more about how bad do you want to help your Crew win? Are you the type of player who’s more concerned with scoring the bulk of your Crew’s points in a loss, or would you be ok with taking a backseat if it means winning more? Just like in the real NBA, there may be different roles for guys to contribute to winning, even if it doesn’t necessarily come with all the glory of scoring. A good NBA comparison is when veterans decide to join a championship caliber team because they want rings, but it may mean they have to sacrifice by accepting a reduced role from what they were used to.

High Basketball IQ

Most of the time, having high basketball IQ is the x-factor that separates the elite Crews from the average Crews. This includes the following intangibles like knowing how to move without the ball, create spacing, good court vision, making the right basketball play, along with being reactive and adaptive to your teammates and the dynamics of each game. It’s easier to develop chemistry with your teammates when you have like-minded players who are on the same page.


Whatever contributions a player can make to winning is going to benefit the team, so having plenty of versatile Crew members is going to help your Crew. Whether it’s scoring, defense, rebounding, or passing – the more areas a player can excel at, the more they’ll contribute to winning. Two-way players – similar to NBA players like LeBron James, Klay Thompson, and Dwight Howard – are valuable commodities in Crew because they are making effective plays on both sides of the ball to help the team win.

Good Individual and Team Defense Skills

Another valuable trait to have is good individual and team defensive skills. Individual defense would include things like good on-ball defense, locking up your man, causing turnovers, and not getting scored on that much. But the best Crews have players who also know how to play good team defense – like playing help D, trapping, knowing how and when to rotate, playing the passing lanes, and knowing when to play aggressive and when to play conservative.

Hope these tips have helped your game and will help in building a competitive NBA 2K15 Crew!



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