NBA 2K Tips: How to Rebound Better (Part II)

We are back with more tips for rebounding in NBA 2K14 (and NBA 2K15)! Here are a few common sense tips for 2K vets and beginners alike to own the glass and be a beast in the paint. Not surprisingly, it’s a lot like rebounding in real basketball:

Tip #1 – Box out

Rebounding is all about positioning and anticipation, and the best way to be in the best position to get the board is to box out your man using the L trigger. Better yet, it makes even more basketball sense to box out the opponent’s best rebounder if help is needed on him. Chances are, it will be a big man snagging most of the boards, so focusing on them instead of shorter players will pay off.

Tip #2 – Focus on the Trajectory of the Ball

Rebounding is also about anticipation, so having a sense of where the ball is going to go will give you a leg up on the competition. For example, shots hitting the front of the rim straight on will deflect straight back, and so on. This also means you should take distance, height, and speed of the bounce into consideration when making your move to snag the board. Many players just jump straight up and expect to get the rebound, but it all depends on where the ball is headed, which means you might have to back up, scoot in, or run for the rebound.

Tip #3 – Use 2K Camera Angle

Every camera angle has its distinct pros and cons, and 2K Cam is the best for seeing the trajectory of the ball and vision of the different angles for rebounding. Use anywhere between 3 and 5 zoom, along with 10 height for best vision of the ball.

Tip #4 – Pay Attention to the Position of Your Teammates

You want to be on the opposite side of your teammate when both players are ready to get the rebound. This way, if the ball goes left or right, one of you will be in position to get the board. If your teammate is in, go on the opposite side and a few feet back to be in position for a longer deflection.

Got any NBA 2K14 rebounding tips to add to this? Let us know in the comments!



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