You want harden like scoring abilities?

    3 years agoopen2
    Attachment #NBA2K19#Shooting GuardSharpshooting Shot Creator Height: 6'5, Weight: 210 lbs, Wingspan: 84.9, Jump Shot: Jump Shot 86, Free Throw: Free Throw 22, Dribble Pull-Ups: Athletic 6, Spin Jumpers: Stiff 4, Hop Jumpers: James Harden, Post Fades: Fade 8, Post Hooks: Hook 3, Post Hop Shots: Post Hop Shot 7, Post Shimmy Fades: Shimmy Fade 11, Post Shimmy Hooks: Shimmy Hook 3, Moving Crossovers: Pro 6, Moving Behind The Backs: Pro 6, Moving Spins: Pro 4, Moving Hesitations: Pro 4, Triple Threat Styles: Normal 8, Layups: J. Harden, Dunks Package 1: Athletic One-Handers Off One

    This build is essentially james harden without the immense dribbling stamina. But still can dribble well with silver anklebreaker. You can score from anywhere from the 3 to mid range driving to the rim, posting up, you name it this build can make it. The only downfalls i see is. Lack of defense and rebounding ability which is expected with such a dominant offensive style build. Limitless isnt crazy on this build either but at silver will get the job done if you are taking smart shots.



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